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SDU RIO (SDU Research & Innovation Organisation) supports collaboration between research, education, the business community and the public sector.



Among other things, the unit works with:


SDU RIO serves researchers, students, businesses and management

It should be easy for businesses, authorities and researchers to reach out to one other and establish partnerships in research and innovation that create value for all parties.


SDU RIO supports four groups in its efforts to promote cooperation.


The purpose of SDU RIO’s efforts in relation to the academic environments is: 

  • to guide and inform researchers and heads of research of the opportunities and conditions they should be aware of in their external cooperation and participation in larger European partnership projects 
  • to support researchers in the preparation of applications and the implementation of major partnership projects with and without external funding 
  • to collaborate with researchers and research groups in specific partnership projects on the commercialisation of research findings and in general interactions in the area of civic engagement 
  • to find relevant partners from among businesses and authorities

The purpose of SDU RIO’s efforts in relation to businesses and public authorities is:

  • to support and professionally handle contact with businesses and authorities 
  • to translate the opportunities to be found in the interplay between SDU’s academic environments and businesses and authorities into actual value for all parties through targeted bridge building, facilitation and development of their partnership

The purpose of SDU RIO’s efforts in relation to students is:

  • to prepare students for the labour market to ensure a high rate of employment for graduates
  • to make students an attractive resource for businesses even while they are still studying 
  • to strengthen the students’ network and their innovative and entrepreneurial competences 
  • to contribute to SDU’s image as a desirable university where theory and practice intersect in study programmes 
  • to help students get acquainted with entrepreneurship as a career path in order to ensure, among other things, a strong pipeline that leads into real business start-ups or an entrepreneurial mindset for students who do not start their own businesses
  • to increase the number of students who start their own businesses with special focus on giving a boost to start-ups that have the potential to become growth entrepreneurs

The purpose of SDU RIO’s serving management and SDU’s council, board and committee representatives is:

  • so that members of councils and committees working with research and innovation policy issues are well-prepared and possess relevant and necessary knowledge 
  • so that the RI Council and Executive Board are advised and receive targeted and well-argued presentations of cases and recommendations so management can make well-founded decisions 
  • to coordinate and prepare hearing statements on internal and external hearings that promote SDU’s interests


Contact SDU RIO

SDU RIO has employees on every campus, however, the majority of them are in Odense.  For further information please contact SDU RIO by mail

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