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Independent Research Fund Denmark (Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond - DFF)

With an annual budget of over 1 billion DKK, the Independent Research Fund Denmark (Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond - DFF) is the largest public fund for basic and independent research in Denmark. It funds basic research activities within all scientific areas. In their regular calls, there are absolutely no limitations to the projects. Anything can be applied for. It is hence very popular to apply to these calls, and they are therefore highly competitive. On top of the regular calls, the foundation also has thematic calls. In recent years, a recurring theme has been research within the green transition. 

Granted proposals are normally in the order to 2-4 mio DKK excluding overhead.


The foundation is segregated into five councils, of which three are relevant to researchers at the Faculty of Science. When applying to the foundation, applications are targeted one or more of these councils.

FNU – Natural sciences

The council covers all aspects of research aimed at fundamental scientific issues within natural sciences, computer science and mathematics.

FSS – Medical sciences

This council covers all aspects of both basic scientific- and clinical research in relation to human health and disease.

FTP – Technology and Production Sciences

The council covers basic research within technology and production which is motivated by a concrete problem or has a clear practical perspective.

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Last Updated 29.11.2023