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Student life

Copyright: Nils Lund Pedersen for SDU

At SDU we are devoted to ensuring a high academic standard and a strong study environment that offers plenty of social and academical experiences in Denmark’s centremost city of studies.

Meet SDU Odense

If you are interested in studying at SDU Odense, you can meet us at Open Day, read about Introduction Days or get an insight into the life of students at SDU at MySDU, our website for enrolled students. If you are already enrolled in a programme and wish to move to Odense, we have gathered a series of resources that can help you find accommodation.

Easy access to help and guidance

At SDU Odense we believe that you should have easy access to the help and guidance, you might need. Student Services is located at Gydehutten, and here you will meet well-trained staff ready to assist you. 

Plenty of association activities and facilities

Taking part in association activities are central to Danish culture, and with more than 22,500 students at the same location, SDU Odense is a good environment for student associations. If you browse the notice boards along Gydehutten, you will discover a plethora of communities of interest that you can take part in.

SDU Odense also offers a wide variety of facilities ranging from a fitness centre and Friday bar to a room for reflection.

Odense as a city of studies

As a city of studies, Odense is perfect in both size and location. Centrally located in Denmark and large enough to offer plenty of interesting experiences both culturally and socially and at the same time small enough to feel like a familiar community. Visit Studiebyen Odense (City of studies Odense) on Facebook (only in Danish) to learn what Odense can offer you as a student, or visit OplevOdense (experience Odense) to find all the city’s exciting events. If you need a place to study or meet up with friends in the centre of Odense, Studenterhus Odense (Student House Odense) is the obvious choice.

Last Updated 07.09.2018