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Your Library at Campus Esbjerg

Service hours: 

Monday-Thursday 8 AM - 3 PM

Friday 8 AM - 2 PM

Please note the library is without staff the following days:
  • Saturdays and Sundays
  • Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Monday
  • Ascension Day, Whit Monday
  • Constitution day (5th June)
  • University annual celebration (after 12.00) 
  • Last working day before Christmas (after 14:00)
  • Christmas Eve, all days between Christmas and New Year and New Year’s Eve’s day

About the Library

You can borrow any of the books and journals belonging to the University Library of Southern Denmark from the campus library in Esbjerg.
If we don’t have the material you require ourselves, we will try to borrow it from another library at home or abroad.

The SDU library’s standard collection of books and journals has a primary focus on servicing students and employees within Sociology, Business Economics and Public Health. The library is therefore physically grouped within these research areas. The library’s collection also contain literature within the areas of methodology, law, environmental and resource management, and sports psychology.  

The library is accessible 24/7 for students and employees at SDU and UC SYD. In the library you will find different study areas, so you will easily be able to find study space suited to your needs. There is both individual reading spots, group areas and tables, and a quiet zone, which can be used if you wish to work and study in nice and quiet area. In the library there is also a lounge area with comfortable furniture for relaxation and small talk. You are able to borrow a locker at the library for your books and other possessions. 

In the library’s Creative Space, SDU students and employees are able to produce podcasts or videos with our GoPro cameras and recording equipment. The media equipment can also be checked out for personal use. In the Creative Space, you are also able to create materials for presentations like flipovers, posters, etc. The library also holds a collection of board and card games, which you can play in the library or lend home for week. Multi-purpose print and scan machines are also located at the library.

SDU and UC SYD: Library cooperation

SDU Esbjerg and UC SYD will in new common facilities work together to create a modern and flourishing study and research environment. The two institutions are independent but will work together in all the matters where it makes sense. One of important collaborations are between the respective libraries. In Esbjerg SDU library and UC SYD library have joint facilities and constitutes the physical heart of the new campus, and it is functioning as the natural pathway between the two institutions.  


All users can access the user PC’s to access SDU databases and other material. UC SYD students and employees need to create a user in order to check out SDU materials. You can create a user here. Students and employees at SDU are needed to meet in person at the UC SYD library help counter, with valid photo ID, in order to create a user for lending UC SYD materials. 

University Library of Southern Denmark Esbjerg
Degnevej 14
6705 Esbjerg Ø
Tel.: 6550 4122


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