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At the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, we cooperate with the rest of the University of Southern Denmark on the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs are complex in nature and interdependent, and there is a need for both being able to identify the potential synergies and trade-offs between these. In order to address the individual SDGs, it is therefore necessary to adopt an interdisciplinary approach where the entire university contributes across faculties.

At the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, it is our strategic vision to address important societal challenges and contribute to solutions to these through high-quality research and education programmes of  high demand. In our strive for societal impact, we adopt an interdisciplinary approach and engage in dialogue and cooperation with relevant external actors. Our work on the SDGs is therefore a natural continuation of our strategy and effort to be relevant to our surroundings. We believe that social science disciplines play an important part in finding solutions to the significant societal challenges that the SDGs represent.

Last Updated 17.05.2023