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Admission & Educational Support

First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Karoline  Pinholt  Head of division  +4565501044 
Christina Oxholm  Hansen  Administrative officer  +4565508264 
Felix Bjørnstrup  Vølund  Administrative officer  +4565504194 
Tina  Wortmann  Coordinator  +4565502921 
First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Lisbeth Simmelhag  Fabricius  Head Consultant w. personnel management  +4565502987 
Danella Thode  Granly  Administrative Officer  +4565501873 
Heidi  Kristensen  Administrative Officer  +4565508952 
Hanne Kjær  Olsen  Administrative officer  +4565507764 
Hoda Sameh  Farid  Administrative Officer  +4565508796 
Lene Damgaard  Povlsen  Administrative Officer  +4565503322 
Line  Juul  Administrative officer  +4565507262 
Lotte  Bentzen  Administrative Officer  +4565502906 
Line  Stagelund  Administrative Officer  +4565504642 
Maria Rosengren  Nielsen  Administrative Officer  +4565508799 
Marlene  Mortensen  Administrative officer  +4565509432 
Mette Zimmer  Wrang  Administrative Officer  +4565507321 
Stefan Rebsdorf  Bekke  Administrative officer  +4565509407 
Trine Uhre  Rasmussen  Senior clerk/Senior administrative assistant  +4565501344 
Anne Marie Ladehoff  Andreassen  Specialist Consultant  +4565503291 
Tine Hartmann  Hansen  Specialist Consultant  +4565502963 
First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Christina Therese  Brøkker-Knudsen  Deputy Chief  +4565501057 
Helle Fredslund  Ottosen  AC-fuldmægtig  +4565508381 
Cecilie  Rosenlund  Administrative Officer  +4565501998 
Christian Lundrup  Greve  Administrative officer  +4565504780 
Ellen M. J.  Schrøder  Administrative Officer  +4565501447 
Sophie Læsøe  Engberg  Administrative Officer  +4565503258 
Marianne  Stjernholm  Senior clerk/Senior administrative assistant  +4565501314 
Karina  Skjold  Specialist Consultant  +4565508797 
First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Helle Damgaard  Boeriths  Senior Consultant  +4565508951 
Asbjørn Bak  Jørgensen  Administrative officer  +4565504276 
Dorte  Agersnap-Henningsen  Administrative Officer  +4565507349 
Lisbeth Bjerrum  Jensen  Administrative officer  +4565508969 
Mads Snehøj  Holm  Administrative officer  +4565507192 
Pia  Skov  Administrative Officer  +4565502893 
Roxana  Bayati  Administrative Officer  +4565504549 
Sanne  Cordt  Administrative Officer  +4565504584 
Ulla  Køjner  Administrative officer  +4565509419 

Last Updated 25.01.2024