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Philoteket – an area for PhD students

In Philoteket, we will arrange PhD cafés of both an academic and a social nature, presenting talks on topics that will pave the way for smoother PhD studies. 

In Philoteket you will also find an area where arrangements or talks can be held, a lounge area, interview facilities, etc. Additionally, Philoteket has a Wall of Inspiration where posters produced by PhD students and articles on writing your PhD will be displayed. You are welcome to contact us if you have a poster or an article you would like us to display.


You can book Philoteket for various PhD related events, e.g. for rehearsing your thesis defense or conference presentation to fellow PhD students before giving it at a conference. It is also possible to book our interview facilities for interviews, talks or meetings, or just drop by and see if they are free.

Please note that Philoteket is an open area and therefore not suitable for discussing confidential matters.

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Future and previous PhD cafés

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PhD students can book Philoteket and the meeting cubes for events and meetings

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Last Updated 19.02.2024