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Work experience at SDU

What is an internship at SDU?

Before your students opt for youth education, they can apply for work experience at SDU and get a sense of whether university is for them.

At SDU, it is possible to apply for work experience in the Engineering and Science programmes.

Here, the student experiences an education from within, is taught by researchers, does projects, hears students talk about student life and gets an idea of what careers the various programmes can lead to. All of this takes place in the company of other students doing work experience.

The programme lasts 1-2 days on the Engineering programmes and 3 days on the Science programmes. Where and when depends on whether the student chooses work experience in the Engineering or Science programmes.

How does the student apply for work experience?

SDU welcomes students for work experience during Year 8, 9 and 10.

Read more about how students are enrolled and view the programmes here:

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  • Work experience in Engineering programmes

Last Updated 19.12.2023