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Research training programme in Computer Science

Only by integrating knowledge and experience from all the areas involved is it possible to arrive at the most efficient, highest quality solutions.

Graduates educated under the programme should be specialists in all or significant parts of this process. We give equal emphasis to educating researchers for research and industrial positions.


The course programme for the individual PhD student is designed in cooperation with their supervisor.

The course programme must fulfill the requirements given by the Faculty of Science. This research training programme imposes the additional requirement that, under normal circumstances, the course programme must include at least 10 ECTS of PhD courses in Computer Science (DM2xx courses or DM8xx courses preapproved as PhD courses).

It is expected that PhD students in this programme participate in international meetings. This can enter into the course programme based on an internal examination process, where the student presents several results from the meeting to two faculty members associated with this research training programme, one of which is usually the supervisor.

Publication guidelines

PhD students in the Computer Science research training programme are expected to publish in well-respected international peer-reviewed conference proceedings and journals.

A dissertation would most often be based on manuscripts corresponding to 3-5 publications in recognised international peer-reviewed outlets. Usually, results will be sent to conferences and journals in an on-going process during the PhD studies. This would often mean that at the conclusion of the studies, a few publications have been published (most likely in conference proceedings), and some have been accepted or are under review.

We want to emphasize that these are guidelines, since the publication process can be of a significant duration, and decisions should be made along the way by the individual PhD student and their supervisor.


The research training programme in Computer Science is headed by Professor Kim Skak Larsen.

Major decisions changing the foundation of the research training programme are made after council with other senior faculty members associated with the programme.

Other researchers associated with the programme

  • Professor Jørgen Bang-Jensen
  • Professor Joan Boyar
  • Associate Professor Marco Chiarandini
  • Professor Rolf Fagerberg
  • Associate Professor Lene Monrad Favrholdt
  • Professor Kim Skak Larsen
  • Associate Professor Jacopo Mauro
  • Professor Daniel Merkle
  • Associate Professor Fabrizio Montesi
  • Associate Professor Richard Röttger
  • Professor Peter Schneider-Kamp
  • Associate Professor Fabio Vandin
  • Associate Professor Arthur Zimek

Last Updated 09.08.2023