Vice-Chancellor's Office

The Vice-Chancellor's Office is the secretariat for the university’s day-to-day management, which consists of the Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and University Director. The Vice-Chancellor's Office serves the university’s Board, Joint Board of Representatives, Executive Board and a number of internal committees and foundations. The Vice-Chancellor's Office manages educational and research policy case handling and several coordinated functions, including contact to Municipalities, regions, Ministries, Universities Denmark and other educational institutions, in addition to hearings and appointments. The Vice-Chancellor's Office is responsible for the planning of SDU’s Annual Celebration in October and the PhD award ceremony in June where, among other things, the university’s award ceremonies take place.

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The Legal Office is part of the Vice-Chancellor's Office. The focus area of the Legal Office is legal counselling for the Vice-Chancellor, University Director, Deans, employees and so on, as well as the handling of complaints by students. The Legal Office serves the Credit Appeals Board. The Legal Office can be contacted by e-mail at

Credit Appeals Board

The university's Data Protection Officer (DPO), who advises staff and students regarding legislation and rules on data protection, also falls under the Legal Office. SDU’s Data Protection Officer can be contacted by e-mail at

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