SDU Analytics

SDU Analytics

SDU Analytics is the central strategic intelligence unit at SDU. We use data for strategic perspectives. We supports a more data-driven management at SDU and provides strategic management information dedicated to the Board of Governors , the Rectorate (Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and University Director) and the Executive Board (Rectorate and the Deans) regarding to all SDU's business areas.

The primary task for SDU Analytics is to support data driven management at SDU:

  • Development of strategic management information. Available via SDUnet.
  • Experiments with modern data science for analytical tools as part of project “Advanced Analytics” 2019 - 2021.
  • Analytical support for management's strategic decision-making processes.
  • Increase the organization's knowledge and use of analytics and data in decision-making processes.
  • Administrative support for the Education Data Ethics Forum
  • Monitoring the University Strategic Framework Contract with the Ministry 2018-2021.
  • Monitoring of international rankings.

    About SDU Analytics

    SDU Analytics uses a modern data analytics / data science approach, where we handle all processes from create data, ETL processing, statistical processing, real-time monitoring and predictive forecasts to data visualization of the results, as well as presentation and dissemination. Effective handling of both code language and communication to the organization is equally important to us.

    SDU Analytics informs about latest analyzes, the project advanced analytics, etc. at SDUnet and at open knowledge sharing meetings, where all staff at SDU are welcome. Stay tuned via SDUnet for the next event.

    Furthermore, we are always available for questions, good ideas and suggestions for collaborations, just as we would like to tailor analytical presentations to your meetings.

    Contact chief secretary Maria Tværgaard on email.