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Life in Southern Denmark

As one of the happiest countries in the world and ideally placed as Scandinavia’s gateway to Europe, Denmark is a modern and open-minded society with a green lifestyle. The southern region is a region of thriving cities with a living student culture and an innovative business life. 

An intimate environment, immersed in nature

The charming cities of Southern Denmark offer an intimate and connected study environment. With each campus city hosting a population ranging from 30,000 to 200,000, students enjoy a rather close-knit community where campuses and fellow students are easily accessible.

Only a short distance from city life, you'll discover quaint villages, pristine woodlands, and the serene sea, all within easy reach.

Great housing options for internationals

Choosing to study away from major capitals presents the advantage of plentiful and affordable student housing close to campus. Securing a comfortable place to live is hassle-free, ensuring a smooth transition into academic life.

Map over Denmark with the locations of SDU's campuses marked in Esbjerg, Kolding, Sønderborg, and Odense

"The word community started making so much more sense and holds a lot more meaning now that I arrived here in Denmark"

- Eloïse, Publich Health, SDU Esbjerg

A dynamic social life for lasting connections

Your university experience goes beyond studies, and Southern Denmark  offers optimal conditions for you to engage with your fellow students.

Explore city events and university-organised activities, including friday bars and our annual on campus festival. Denmark's lively cultural scene adds another dimension to your stay with a large volume of exhibitions, concerts, and events to enjoy.

The annual study start festival with live music is one of the biggest university events in Denmark and for all students at SDU. (©Jacob Fredegaard Hansen)

All campuses host Friday bars driven by students. Friday bars are good for the social cohesion on campus.

Make sure to visit af few of the many quality museums located around the country. "Stitches Beyond Borders", 2020/21, Iben Høj. Trapholt Museum in Kolding.

Tinderbox in Odense is one of several large scale music festivals in Denmark. For students on a budget, volunteering as festival staff is common. (©Sophie Duepsd.)

Find yourself in a modern welfare society

With just 6 million residents, Denmark is a small, yet highly developed country. The population ranks as one of the happiest in the world, benefiting from a high employment rate with great work-life balance and equal access to education, health care, and other public services. 

Denmark is renowned for its open-minded and free-spirited society, where trust and tolerance among citizens contribute to the experience of a safe and including environment. 

Furthermore, the Danish society is highly digital, making your life in Denmark smooth and convenient.

Man walking on a bridge

Seamless urban mobility

The combination of great public infrastructure and the compact nature of our cities ensures a short and convenient commute to campus and makes it easy to get around town. 

All campus cities are well connected by train, so you'll easily explore other parts of the country as well.  

Cycling is the Danish way

For a truly Danish experience of urban life, you should consider getting yourself a bicycle.

Cycling is easily the most common form of urban transportation in Denmark, especially among students. The many kilometres of bicycle lanes in every city make this an easy, safe, and green way of moving around, and affordable second-hand bicycles are readily available when you arrive.

Exploring Denmark and beyond

  • Beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage
  • Small in area an well connected
  • Major cities of CPH, Aarhus and Hamburg are reached via train within hours
  • Southern Denmark is globally connected via Billund Airport

Last Updated 04.07.2024