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Translational Research

The interaction between foundation-creating research subjects at SDU and the clinical subjects at OUH provide an example of translational research.

Translational research refers to a collaboration structure in which there can be a rapid transfer of research breakthroughs for testing in a clinical context. Conversely, issues arising from clinical problems can be quickly and efficiently investigated in a research context.

Important translational research is already being conducted between SDU and OUH which contributes to improving human health and creating value for patients and society.

The Department of Clinical Research is translational research

Odense University Hospital (OUH) is already more than just a partner for University of Southern Denmark (SDU). The Faculty of Health Sciences and OUH are interdependent and organisationally intertwined.

The Department of Clinical Research is the largest department at The Faculty of Health Sciences – but the entire department is physically located at OUH, where research and clinical experience are directly related. They will remain so in the New OUH, while a great deal of New OUH’s research will be located in New HEALTH. The Faculty of Health Sciences is thus essential for research at OUH, and the clinical environment is essential for the research.

Last Updated 18.08.2021