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SUND Education

Educational service and distribution in clinical internships

First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Ditte Haller  Albrechtsen  Coordinator of Clinical Internships  +4565502961 
Kristina Hyllekvist  Arildsen  Study Programme Administrator  +4565509211 
Anne-Sofie Holm  Arnoldus  Academic Administrative Officer  +4565501299 
Kirstine Munk  Bang  Administrative officer  +4565502192 
Rikke Fisker  Christensen  Academic Administrative Officer  +4565503043 
Nickie  Glissmann Nim  Administrative officer  +4565504613 
Knud Møller  Hansen  Study Programme Coordinator  +4565507681 
Maria Dyrup  Hansen  Study Programme Coordinator  +4565503874 
Emilie Louise  Holk  Specialist Consultant  +4565507137 
Lise Kæmsgaard  Kirkedal  Study Programme Administrator  +4565503698 
Susanne  Nicolaisen  Study Programme Administrator  +4565502975 
Terese Kjær  Rasmussen  Administrative officer  +4565507565 
Kirsten  Zeuthen  Area Manager  +4565503234 

Quality of education and internationalization

First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Trine  Dalsgaard  Specialist Consultant  +4565507277 
Ulla Glenert  Friis  Educational Specialist Consultant  +4565503754 
Pia  Langhoff  Senior Consultant  +4565507546 
Anne Mølgaard  Nielsen  Senior consultant  +4565504829 
Kristian Helverskov  Petersen  Quality and Development Consultant  +4565504310 
Ditte Marie  Salling  Specialist Consultant  +4565509679 

Teaching and Exams

First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Pia  Andersen  Secretary  +4565503944 
Danny  Colmorten  Programme secretary, Academic Staff  +4565503406 
Laila Møller  Hansen  Study Programme Administrator  +4565507140 
Stine Hanghøi  Jespersen  Administrative officer  +4565503461 
Leni Grue  Jørgensen  Academic Administrative Officer  +4565507136 
Katja  Kirkegaard  Academic Administrative Officer  +4565503889 
Carina Ingemann  Nielsen  Administrative officer  +4565504481 
Karoline Vahle  Olesen  Administrative officer  +4565504726 
Yvonne H.  Ørnebjerg  Study Programme Administrator  +4565502982 
Lene Kroløkke  Pedersen  Administrative Officer  +4565503677 
Christina Lund  Petersen  Education Consultant  +4565501973 
Inge  Poetzsch  Study Programme Administrator  +4565502738 
Dorthe Majlund  Sørensen  Area manager  +4565502998 
Andrea  Winsløw Davidsen  Administrative officer  +4565507168 

Last Updated 21.12.2022