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Quality assurance and development of programmes

The students at SDU must experience a good start to their studies, receive high-quality teaching from both an educational and research perspective, enjoy a good study environment and be able to rely on the programmes equipping them for working life after university. That’s why we work systematically and purposefully to ensure the quality and relevance of our programmes. 
You can read about how we do this on the following webpages.

SDU is an accredited institution

At SDU, work is undertaken within the framework of our quality system to ensure the quality in education.  This means that the work we undertake with respect to the quality in education is deeply rooted at all management levels, that we have specific goals and requirements regarding how to create high-quality programmes, and that we systematically follow up on the work involved with the quality in education.

In 2014, SDU became one of the first higher education institutions to receive accreditation. This means that the Danish Accreditation Council assessed that SDU's quality system is overall able to continuously and systematically maintain and develop the quality and relevance of our programmes.

On this website

In this part of SDU's website you can read more about how we are working to create quality in education. You will also find statistics, surveys and analysis that we use in our work with quality in education.


If you have any questions regarding our work with quality in education that are not answered on this website, you are most welcome to contact us.

Quality policy

Find the quality policies here: Policy for quality in education - Principles for quality in education - Implementation notes

Quality policy

SDU's New Institutional Accreditation 2020

Read more about SDU's New Institutional Accreditation 2020


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