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Book a Librarian

Get help with theses and dissertations (Bachelor, Master, PhD)

We can offer the following service:

The Library offers help with searches for information and literature for individuals or groups working on a specific paper or project:

Book a Librarian is meant to help you help yourself. We expect that you have done some work already on your search strategy or concrete searches in advance. Read more about information searches here. You might also find usefull help in some of our guides.

If we have a course or workshop on thesis writing within your subject, we may refer you to that instead. Courses and events at the library can be found here

The Library’s Book a Librarian service is for students writing Bachelor’s or Master’s theses, as well as PhD students, researchers and teachers at SDU.

Please note: if you are a student, please state your study card number for statistical purposes . All information will be treated as anonymous. No data will be kept.

Last Updated 19.02.2024