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Emeritus arrangements

Upon the resignation of an associate professor or a professor, an emeritus arrangement may be established in connection with a retirement agreement if there is agreement between the university (a faculty / institution) and the person concerned. The scheme ensures that the VIP so resigned continues to be associated with a number of university facilities and to have access to continued academic tasks. It also presupposes that the emeritus participates in selected academic activities, which are specifically agreed upon at the conclusion of an agreement. The agreement will typically be concluded for a 2-year period and with the option of renewal.

For example, the university may offer:

• Access to an office and corresponding key as well as access cards
• Access to computer and IT service
• Ability to be included in SDU's electronic telephone directory with private mobile number and in relevant mail groups and mailing lists
• Access to home loan scheme via SDUB
• Other forms of visibility in relevant professional circles
• Possibility of participation in relevant academic contexts and in the institute's "life"
• Possibility to apply for funds for professional purposes
• Evaluation interview with relevant leader once a year

The Emeritus offers, for example:

• Active research efforts with publishing and reporting in PURE at an appropriate level
• Individual lectures or other forms of academic dissemination, student guidance, ratings, and internal censorship to a limited extent
• Other academic tasks the Emeritus might wish to undertake and which may be relevant to the university.

Proposals for emeritus agreements are submitted to the relevant union representative (TR) before final decision in accordance with the contract's right of appeal.

The Heads of Departments agree on Emeritus Association.

(Adopted at a Liaison Committee meeting at the Faculty of Health Sciences on 18 March 2014, point 3.3)

Last Updated 04.09.2018