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The University of Southern Denmark regards Odense University Hospital as much more than just another collaboration partner. The Faculty of Health Sciences and Odense University
Hospital are heavily dependent on each other and organisationally intertwined. The Institute of Clinical Research is the largest institute at the Faculty – but the entire institute is in fact physically located at the hospital, where research and clinical practice exist side by side.
The Faculty of Health Sciences thus plays a crucial role in the conduct of research at Odense University Hospital, while the clinical setting is essential for research.

Odense University Hospital prioritizes research!

With a strong research strategy, the aim for the next five years is to achieve a significant rise in the range of scientific publications and the number of researchers and PhDs. At the same time, Odense University Hospital focuses on internationalization. Odense University Hospital also aims to establish a minimum of three elite research centres at the highest international level, with development functions being created within the highly specialised units. The strategy is backed by support from management and a financial commitment that brings it alive.

Research of the highest standard

Our research must be of the highest standard, and the interplay and collaboration between the Faculty of Health Sciences and Odense University Hospital means that we can attract the best staff and researchers from home and abroad. Odense University Hospital and the Institute of Clinical Research would like all those with research qualifications from every field to help promote research in health sciences, and the hope is to establish clear career paths for all specialist groups. This, in turn, will further strengthen research at Odense University Hospital.

One obvious sign of our focus on research over the past few years is the huge increase in the number of PhD students we have seen, along with a doubling in the number of professors – and still we continue to grow.
Over the past ten years, the Faculty of Health Sciences has established and consolidated the Institute of Regional Health Research.

The Institute oversees collaborative research projects involving the other hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark and some of the hospitals in Region Zealand. This is important because the regional hospitals are responsible for treating the vast majority of patients suffering from common diseases.

Research at the Institute covers broad clinical, organisational and learning related research. Courses include clinical education programmes for students at our University of Southern Denmark who undertake clinical internships at the regional hospitals.

Last Updated 19.10.2023