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Guidance and consultancy services

A researcher possesses in-depth specialist knowledge in a particular area, which can be of great benefit in, for instance, product development, organisational processes, projects or new initiatives in the field of education.

With a consultancy agreement, you can hire a researcher to contribute their specialist knowledge or technological expertise in a specific subject matter. The researcher can be engaged as an advisory consultant

  • to test technical components, devices and systems
  • for project/product development, where the researcher contributes possible concepts, simulations, prototypes, demos, etc.

Requisitioned research

In the case of requisitioned research — also called contract research — your company, organisation or association may hire a researcher or research group to perform specific tasks for payment on market terms.

As part of the contract, you own all rights to results created in the project, and results are published only in agreement with your organisation. You can also refuse publication.

Public sector services

Research-based public sector services are a range of services that Danish universities provide for, among other things, the state. These may range from research in various fields to specific emergency and consulting tasks.

SDU is responsible for the Ministry of Health and the Elderly’s agreement on public health matters, including the National Institute of Public Health.

Research-based public sector services at SDU include:

  • Research in a specific area, e.g. the sports habits of the population or prevention and health promotion.
  • Collection and processing of health statistics.
  • Analyses and advice in a specific field, e.g. health economics, registry studies and evaluation of efficacy.

Examples of collaborations

  • Counselling: Speech and language therapists from SDU advise municipalities on the basis of the latest practices in their assistance to people with late brain damage and children with speech disorders.
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