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Employees in the campusses

Student Services Esbjerg

First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Birgit  Jahn  Head of section  +4565501501 
Anette  Møller  Administrative Officer  +4565501502 
Anne-Marie Dalgaard  Christensen  Administrative Officer  +4565507227 
Maria  Skøtt  Administrative Officer  +4565507618 
Anette Fruerlund  Schütt  Senior clerk/Senior administrative assistant  +4565501517 
Birgit Malling  Skov  Senior clerk/Senior administrative assistant  +4565502983 

Student Services Kolding

First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Ann Marie Sindt  Lauridsen  Head of section  +4565508782 
Maria  Guldberg  Study Secretary  +4565501411 
Trude Holm  Nilssen  Study Secretary  +4565501311 
Cicilia  Lassen  Senior clerk/Senior administrative assistant  +4565501317 
Mette Dahl  Jensen  Senior clerk/Senior administrative assistant  +4565501355 
Therese Lund  Iversen  Senior clerk/Senior administrative assistant  +4565501396 
Lone Møland  Munch  Administrative Officer  +4565501312 
Marianne E. Fræhr  Thomsen  Administrative Officer  +4565501316 
Stine Poulsen  Larsen  Administrative Officer  +4565501354 
Selina Sara  Eisenberger  Administrative officer  +4565501270 

Student Services Slagelse

First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Annemarie Knabe  Pedersen  Study Secretary  +4565509108 
Gitte Bisgaard  Sørensen  Study Secretary  +4565509116 
Sandra  Duckert  Study secretary  +65509145 
Hanne Orehøj  Geertsen  Administrative Officer  +4565508390 

Student Services Sønderborg/Flensborg

First name Last name Position Telephone Email
Per  Boisen  Head of section  +4565501181 
Berit Normann  Overgård  Administrative Officer  +4565501171 
Betina Charlotte  Iversen  Administrative Officer  +4565501187 
Birte  Nissen  Administrative Officer  +4565501240 
Doris  Petersen  Administrative Officer  +4565501176 
Helle Hede  Hansen  Administrative Officer  +4565501208 
Helle Mortensen  Sevelsted  Administrative officer  +4565501166 
Karina  Skellgaard  Administrative Officer  +4565509350 
Lene Kaas  Andresen  Administrative Officer  +4565501173 
Anja  Maurer  Secretary  +4565501172 
Marlene  Kaizler  Senior clerk/Senior administrative assistant  +4565501241 
Nicole  Beth  Bilingual Secretary  +4565501210 

Last Updated 16.03.2022