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Become a PhD student

In terms of academic level, the PhD programme corresponds to three years of full-time study and is based on a successfully completed Master's programme is based on a successfully completed Master’s programme of 120 ECTS points (corresponding to 2 years full-time master’s study).

Within the three year enrollment  PhD students are required to complete a programme that includes: 

  • An independent research project completed under academic supervision
  • A course programme of an extent corresponding to six months of studies (30 ECTS points)
  • Participation in active research environments other than at SDU, including stays at other, mainly foreign, research institutions or private research enterprises
  • Experience with teaching and other dissemination of knowledge
  • Completion of a PhD Thesis
  • The opportunity to defend your PhD Thesis in public

The PhD programmes are offered at the university's five PhD schools. All PhD schools offer a three-year PhD programme, and admission to the programme requires a Master's degree or similar degree. Some PhD schools also offer a four-year PhD programme for students who have completed the first year of a Master's programme.

The PhD programme is completed in close interaction with your academic supervisor, who is a leading researcher within the chosen field of research. You will be able to arrange a great part of your PhD programme yourself and to take study trips to recognised universities abroad. You will establish contacts to several active research environments both at and outside the University of Southern Denmark, and you will be participating in study activities, courses and conferences at both national and international research institutions. You will acquire experience with teaching and disseminating research results.

The Industrial PhD programme

An Industrial PhD programme is a three-year business-oriented PhD project where you as a PhD student are employed by a private company or a public-sector organisation while at the same time being enrolled at a university. As host university for Industrial PhD students, the University of Southern Denmark offers excellent conditions for setting up research partnerships between private business, the public sector and the university.

How do I find my research project?

At the University of Southern Denmark we regularly offer predefined projects, the details of which can be found under "Vacant positions". At some institutes it will also be possible to participate in defining a PhD project in collaboration with an academic supervisor and possibly an external organisation. At the Faculty of Health Sciences, the most common approach is for students to contact a potential academic supervisor with a view to formulating their PhD project together with him or her.

Last Updated 29.04.2020