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Academy for Talented Youth

What is the Academy for Talented Youth?

The Academy for Talented Youth is a talent course tailored for upper secondary school students with an exceptional academic talent and set on pursuing an academic career.

The talent course lasts 2 years. To participate, the student must

  • be a freshman (1.g.) a 3-year upper secondary education
  • be driven by a great motivation to learn
  • possess academic curiosity
  • be willing to go the extra mile.

The student participates in the talent course alongside his or her normal teaching in upper secondary school, and all activities are conducted jointly with other upper secondary school students who are also enthusiastic about learning.

What do students get out of attending the Academy for Talented Youth?

The activities in the talent course provide talented students with academic challenges and inspiration that can boost normal teaching in upper secondary school and equip them for an academic career.

The course and teaching are organised on the basis of five learning horizons:

  • Academic formation
  • Personal formation
  • Study skills
  • Study and career clarification
  • Innovative and creative skills

As part of ATU, the student gets a unique insight into student life at SDU – both academic and social – when researchers, lecturers and students provide lectures and exercises, and when the student is invited to participate in a series of compulsory seminars and summer camps.

The student can also opt to participate in optional activities at the faculties of SDU. These may include academic and study guidance presentations as well as practical workshops and camps, which go into depth with specific topics and challenge the student academically.

How do you put a student forward for the Academy for Talented Youth?

The pupil can be put forward for admission as a freshman (1.g.) The deadline for putting students forward is
15 February.

Admission is based on the student’s academic abilities and potential, as well as his/her desire and willingness to also spend part of his/her free time to immerse themselves academically.

Application for admission to ATU is coordinated by the Secretariat at ATU|Syd..

Read more about the Academy for Talented Youth at .


If you would like to know more about the talent course or have questions about admission:

Please contact Janne Hansen from ATU|Syd at

Last Updated 19.12.2023