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The RI Council

RI Council

The RI Council serves as SDU's council on research and innovation as well as a form of board of directors for SDU RIO. 

SDU RIO is the university's administrative support department for business and research collaborations. 

The department and the RI Council work to promote SDU’s strategic initiatives to provide benefits for and in cooperation with the community. 

Research in the spotlight

SDU RIO is operated in close cooperation with researchers and the RI Council is responsible for ensuring that relevant topics are put on the agenda. 

Representatives from each faculty sit on the RI Council. Dean Henrik Bindslev is the chairman.

The RI Council ensures the collaboration with other councils, committees and groups, including the Executive Board, the Education Council and the collegiate bodies. 

Members of the RI Council

Dean Henrik Bindslev (Chairman) 
University Director Thomas Buchvald Vind
HUM: Head of Department Per Krogh Hansen 
NAT: Head of Department Jakob Møller-Jensen 
SAMF: Vice-dean Sten Rynning  
SUND: Head of Department Kirsten Ohm Kyvik 
TEK: Head of Department Peder Thusgaard Ruhoff
SDU RIO: Manager Søren E. Frandsen

Terms of reference that serve as a basis for the RI Council.

Contact the RI Council 

Do you have any questions about the work of the RI Council?

Contact SDU RIOs Manager Søren E. Frandsen, Chairman Henrik Bindslev or your RI Council representative.

Last Updated 11.10.2021