Student Services


The unit coordinates internal and external activities including personnel administration and finances.



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The Regional Guidance Centre Funen (Studievalg Fyn) is also a part of Student Services.

Analysis & Quality

The unit perform analyses and summaries primarily on the basis of extracts from STADS. Moreover the unit produces reports based on statutory requirements, including student full year’s work, and reporting to Statistics Denmark.

The unit also manages quality assurance, and is secretariat to The Council for Education, SAK ADM, and SAK KVAL.

Registration & Legality

The unit assists in questions about enrolment and withdrawal of enrolment of exams and lessons including information to the students regarding the Student Self-service webpage. Furthermore they assist in questions about print of exam results, first-year examination, exemptions and other questions related to examination.

The unit also manages tasks in relation to education law, including cases of examination irregularities and education legal rulebook.

SDU International

The unit manages:

  • Coordination, advice and development in relation to SDU’s internationalisation activities in the area of education, counselling and information on exchange stays and internships abroad.
  • Establishment of bilateral exchange agreements, including Erasmus agreements.
  • Staff mobility under the Erasmus and Nordplus programmes


Admissions carries out the enrolment of bachelor students, master students, and exchange and guest students.

Counselling Centre

The Counseling Centre handles several services towards the students at SDU. The services concerns e.g.:

  • Provides general information and assists students with questions on student card, printouts etc.
  • Information, counselling and administration of the State Education Grant and Loan Scheme
  • Counselling to current students at the university at the Counselling Centre with regard to change of study programme, study programme structure and possibilities of combinations, doubts about choice of study programme, advice about method of study and examination technique, frustrations in connection with the study programme or personal or social problems which have an influence on the study programme
  • Counselling and guidance for elite athletes and disabled students.

Student Services in the campus cities

Student Services is also represented in the campus cities: Esbjerg, Kolding, Slagelse, and Sønderborg

The Regional Guidance Centre Funen (Studievalg Fyn) is also a part of Student Services.

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