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Evaluation and review of SDU's quality system for 2016-2018

The evaluation and review of SDU’s quality system was initiated by SDU’s Council for Education and had two phases:

  • Evaluation of SDU’s quality system
  • Review of SDU’s quality system

Evaluation of SDU’s quality system

The evaluation included management, employees and students from all levels of the organisation. The remit was to investigate whether the system still lives up to its purpose and whether it is equipped to handle future demands for quality in education

The evaluation proceeded over four phases:

  • Interviews with representatives from each of SDU’s five faculties.
  • Audit of 19 selected programmes
  • Audit of three inter-faculty issues related to quality work
  • Analysis of SDU's quality assurance system from a national perspective

To conclude the evaluation, a report was prepared. It contains the evaluation's conclusions and recommendations for further work.

Review of SDU’s quality system

Based on the evaluation, SDU's Education Council selected 22 points for attention. For each point of attention, a working group was set up with relevant stakeholders, such as study leaders, administrative staff and students.

Work on the 22 points of attention resulted in an overall revision of SDU's quality system. In this connection, the Executive Board approved a revised quality policy for SDU in June 2018.

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