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In-Company Project – Master of Science in Engineering Projects with and in companies

All our engineering programs include the possibility of “Study projects” with companies (called In-Company Project or business oriented courses). It is an "individual study activity" during the ninth semester and therefore includes SDU educational requirements to attend scheduled courses at the university. The students must acquire new knowledge that they can demonstrate to pass the exam.

Therefore, there is a requirement that the supervisor in the company has a degree as a Master of Science in Engineering or equivalent. The supervisor must be employed by the company and be available to mentor the student. In addition, an actual workplace must be provided to the student during the 15-week period. It is expected that the student is working at the company for two days a week during this period. There is no salary given during the business-oriented course.

A contract is drawn up between the three parties, company, student and SDU. It must be approved by the board of studies before the cooperation can commence.

You can contact TEK Innovation consultant Lone Søvad Madsen, TEK Innovation to learn more about Study Project with companies - in general or if you are unsure about which type of engineering student would fit for your business the best.

Last Updated 18.10.2021