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Research & Education

The construction of  New OUH ( the new Odense University Hospital) and New HEALTH (Health Sciences’ new faculty building) next to the existing SDU (University of Southern Denmark) is a unique opportunity to generate and exchange knowledge and create innovation and growth.

When the New OUH/SDU buildings are completed, the close geography with the two large organisations under one roof will create a breeding ground for increased collaboration between OUH and SDU in terms of research, education and innovation.

A collaboration which, among other things, will contribute to new knowledge, both within basic research and translational research, where new knowledge from the research can be quickly implemented at the clinic for the benefit of patients.


The Region of Southern Denmark is constructing a new University Hospital in Odense - New OUH. New OUH will be linked structurally with the University of Southern Denmark in a north- and southbound axis with highly specialised research facilities.

Learn more about New OUH here.

Last Updated 18.08.2021