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About SDU IT

SDU IT is part of the overall digital organization at SDU. SDU IT has a strong focus on the activities being carried out based on SDU's five benchmarks for the digital organization. The benchmarks are: "user-centered, responsive, coherent, competence-conscious and focus on a solid foundation" In this way, SDU IT contributes to SDU's support:
  • To be at the forefront of digital development
  • To secure an organization that can follow developments and quickly adapt to new opportunities and competencies
  • To ensure optimal collaboration and utilization of competences and resources so that SDU can follow IT and digital

SDU IT has organized itself into two units - see more on SDUnet 

SDU Operations  - which operates, develops and maintains the infrastructure and runs the applications that SDU uses.

SDU Help - providing user-oriented support, purchasing etc.

SDU IT University of Southern Denmark

  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230

Last Updated 07.04.2022