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Common Goals for the New SDU/OUH

Increased interaction will strengthen the teaching and research environments, boosting the quality of both research and teaching, ultimately leading to better patient treatment. New collaborations and research groups will be formed, which will also strengthen preventive measures and rehabilitation.

Ideally, the staff of the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and Odense University Hospital (OUH) will not need to think about whether they are currently in one or the other organisation. They can find workstations and meeting-places wherever they need them. And easily accessible, forward-looking research communication will strengthen the employees’ identity and knowledge of each other’s research.

Both educational and business innovation will be stimulated in the close collaboration between the university and the clinical departments. On the educational side, new programmes will help bridge the gaps between disciplines, while on the business side, the collaboration between basic research and clinical experience will provide a seedbed for new and innovative ideas for products and methods that can be capitalized.

Finally, a further goal is that there should be room to expand the collaboration between New OUH and SDU. And there is. Beside the linking zone, SDU can be expanded by up to 20,000 m2 in the area that lies between SDU and New OUH.


The Region of Southern Denmark is constructing a new University Hospital in Odense - New OUH. New OUH will be linked structurally with the University of Southern Denmark in a north- and southbound axis with highly specialised research facilities.

Learn more about New OUH here.

Last Updated 18.08.2021