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As the landscape around New HEALTH is very unique, a lot of effort has been put into creating a visual expression that takes into account and interacts with the existing nature.

The nature surrounding New HEALTH is therefore integrated into the building via planting, connecting it both physically and visually to the surrounding forest. Likewise, underground corridors will ensure the visual connection across the building and create open spaces attractive to the eye. 

Virtually every function in the building offers a nature view, and informal meeting places and study zones are placed to allow one to enjoy the unique surroundings. Between the building mass, courtyards are established with terraces that contribute to a pleasant indoor environment that is brightly lit and transparent. 

As part of the Active Living concept, a rich system of paths for walking and cycling will also encourage daily use of the surroundings, so that they, too, can contribute to a healthy, active work and study environment.

About Active Living
Active Living is about promoting physical activity in one’s everyday life, both to and from work and during one’s workday. New HEALTH supports Active Living by creating flexible interiors and meeting places that allow people to change their working posture and area during the day. 

Last Updated 18.08.2021