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Following up work involved with quality in education

This enables us to ensure that we comply with the goals and requirements described in SDU’s quality policy, and that we can identify whether there is a need for the work to be developed. Follow-up takes the form of a number of activities that can be divided into two categories:

  • Ongoing follow-up of the work involved with quality in education
  • SDU´s Programme Report

All those involved in the quality organisation participate in both types of activity.

Ongoing follow-up of the work involved with quality in education

The work with quality in education is continuously followed up while, for example, the Study Board focuses on specific areas in the work with quality in education. For each programme, a plan has been prepared that describes the year's work for quality in education. In addition, under the auspices of, for example, the Education Council, there is ongoing focus on relevant areas.

Overall, the ongoing follow-up of work involved with quality in education can be divided into three groups:

At all levels in SDU's quality organisation, work on programme quality must be continuously followed up using key figures and quality indicators.

Read more about the key figures and quality indicators.

The work on programme quality is regularly evaluated by means of a number of surveys that are carried out among the students.

Get an overview of student-oriented surveys at SDU.

In SDU's quality policy, there are a number of requirements for what the programme regulations must contain so that they contribute to high programme quality. Therefore, there is continuous quality assurance of programme regulations by the Study Board, their subcommittees and the faculty management.

SDU's Programme Report 

SDU’s Programme Report is published every second year. The Programme Report is SDU's primary tool for following up the work with quality in education in and around the programmes.

All management levels at SDU participate in preparation of the Programme Report, which takes stock of the work involved with quality in education over the last two years and describes the action plan for the next two years.

The Programme Report is prepared in accordance with this model:

[Click for large image]

As stated in the model, the Programme Report is prepared at programme and area level, after which it is aggregated at faculty and Common Administration level and then at university level. Based on this work, initiatives are being initiated to improve work on programme quality. It forms the basis of the Programme Report prepared two years later.

Dialogue is central to the preparation of the Programme Report. Therefore, in connection with its preparation, status meetings are held between:

  • Study management and faculty management
  • Area managers in Central Administration and the University Director
  • Faculty management and the Chairman of the Education Board

At all levels, the Programme Report contains:

  • Follow-up to the action plan agreed in the previous Programme Report
  • A strategic programme analysis
  • Follow-up of the quality policy
  • Follow-up of relevant key figures and quality indicators
  • An action plan for the coming two years
Memorandum on SDU's programme report

Read a detailed description of SDU's programme report, including purpose, content and process

Memorandum on SDU's programme report

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