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Dual career

Dual career

Moving to a new country is both an exciting, yet overwhelming experience and this network is a resource available to accompanying partners to counter these initial challenges. Therefore, SDU offers:

  • Help with job search through workshops, personal coaching and network meetings
  • Information and tips on living in Denmark
  • Social events such as meetup for spouses, international book club, veggie dinner and yoga in English
  • Monthly newsletter with updates on activities and events in Odense

If you are interested in an introduction meeting, you can get to know more about the possibilities for help with your job search, social activities and events and much more. We can help you in the right direction and to get in contact with the relevant people e.g. from the municipality:

Odense: Annika Jarl:, tel. +45 6550 2840

Esbjerg/KoldingAnnika Jarl:, tel. +45 6550 2840

Sønderborg: Annika Jarl:, tel. +45 6550 2840


You can read more about the spouse consultant at the website of International Community Odense.
If you are interested in a meeting with a spouse consultant, please contact Annika Jarl, who will help you set up a meeting with the spouse consultant in Odense.


Spouses can make an appointment with Newcomer Consultant by e-mail: Please find more information here.

Kolding (and the Triangle area)

Spouses are always welcome to contact International Advisor Annika Jarl from the local ISO-office (, who can give more information about the different possibilities in Kolding.

For foreign SDU spouses living in Kolding or another municipality in the Triangle Region, information about finding a job in Denmark, partner jobs, the labour market, etc. is available here.

Contact person for the International Community in the Triangle area is: Karen Margrethe Kyhl Winther, Development Advisor, tel.: +45 7979 7878, e-mail: Spouses looking for a job can have their CV’s sent to all the Newcomer Service Coordinators in the 8 municipalities of the Triangle Region through Karen Margrethe Kyhl Winther.

Spouses living in Kolding Municipality can contact, Kolding Newcomer Service, Recruiting Consultant Helle Kongsted Holm, tel. +45 40177642, e-mail: for information on finding a job.


Build a professional network by contacting our region’s spouse/partnerlife consultant:  tel: +45 2443 2673, e-mail:

Contact Lone Yding or Tatjana Rode at, and you will receive more information about local job conferences and local initiatives. Newcomer Service also arranges social activities in Sønderborg.

SDU is a member of the organization IDCN Jutland/Funen (International Dual Career Network) in Denmark, which you can read more about on the Facebook group for IDCN as well.
IDCN is a network that consists of many of the major companies/Universities in Denmark, whose main focus is to get spouses/partners of international employees a job career in Denmark. They all have expats employed, and therefore have an international business environment. It is possible for SDU spouses/partners to become a part of the network, and in that way get an exclusive opening to the companies in Denmark that very often hires expats.

The IDCN provides valuable career information relevant to the local market and works as a platform for networking and information sharing amongst its members. Specifically, the IDCN:

  • Facilitates events that showcase job searching methods and provide coaching on how to organize your job search in the most effective way.
  • Provides the job opportunity to meet directly with the recruitment teams of member companies.
  • Helps you better understand the local culture and job search environment.
  • Provides a forum for networking, sharing success stories and exchanging experiences and opportunities with other partners.
You can send your CV to Annika Jarl if you want to know more or become a spouse of the network.
If you want to join of the IDCN events, you can register at the IDCN website.

If you are interested in starting your own business, Odense Kommune offers guidance to entrepreneurs. 

More information and useful links can be found here.

Networking is important in Denmark!

It is therefore important to get out and meet people, if you want to learn more about the Danish way of living and the Danes.
There is a club or organization for everybody in Denmark where you can meet people with the same interests as yourself. It is always a good way to get to talk to the Danes, if you meet in an organization, sports club e.g., as the Danes like the social life in these kinds of organizations and social clubs. You can find a common ground to meet and share with other Danes – or other internationals – and this will make your life in Denmark so much more exciting.

Networking with Danes could also increase your chances of finding a job as networking is becoming a more and more common way of finding your way into a job interview. So please do not hesitate to contact us, if you want us to find a club or an organization for you.
It is estimated that  30 % of all jobs get posted on jobsites etc., and 70 % gets a job through a network.


Please do not hesitate to contact Annika Jarl (telephone +45 6550 2840)for more information.


Esbjerg Municipality’s Newcomer Service offers a monthly workshop concerning job search. The workshop is called Newcomer Hub: Connect. It takes place at “HUSET” Finsensgade 1, every second Wednesday of each month, from 10.00 – 13.00 hrs. Here spouses can meet other newcomers & internationals, learn more about volunteer & partner jobs and get answers to questions about job applications and Danish workplace culture. Representatives from Esbjerg Newcomer Service, the Municipality of Esbjerg, and Esbjerg Jobcenter will be present. You can find more information here.

Voluntering can be an opportunity to meet relevant employees from company’s or other work places that you are interested in.
Being a volunteer means that you get the chance to work with something that you are really passionate about, because it is possible to combine your volunteer work with your hobbies. Some of the well-known volunteer organizations in Denmark are:

  • Røde Kors (the Danish Red Cross)
  • Unicef
  • Amnesty International
  • Danmission
  • Oxfam IBIS

It is also possible to volunteer in social or cultral organizations.

You can find volunteer jobs here.

If you are interested in finding a volunteer job, and you need help finding one, you are welcome to contact Annika Jarl.


Last Updated 26.05.2023