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Internship for Bachelor of Engineering students – Theoretical knowledge is translated into practice


The Internship: This Internship must be a duration of 20 weeks at full-time carried out at an engineering based company. Where the company must have employees within the student trainee’s professional field that are qualified to act as a mentor guiding the intern.
The ideal internship program includes an "independent" assignment that may take 50-60% of the time, also the intern participates in the ad hoc tasks of the company. The diploma engineers' practical element ensures that the newly trained engineers have not only acquired theoretical knowledge but also learned how to apply it.

The students are fully responsible for obtaining and securing their own internship, however The Faculty of Engineering provides guidance and can provide industry reports to offer inspiration.

Prior to the internship, a digital practitioner agreement is entered into between the three parties: company, student and SDU, ensuring the professional content, insurance and other essential conditions will be met.

 Internships are paid. The average internship salary is 15,000 DKK per month ( 2021),  The internship needs to commence no earlier than February 1st, and no later than mid-March, for the full 20 week duration to be reached before the new start of the semester.

Often, graduation project topics are identified during the length of the internship, inspiring the student and further cooperation with the company may be even result in employment or a post-graduate posting.

The format of an internship enquiry can vary from a standard "internship posting" , to a short call followed up by an informative motivating email. Remember to make yourself stand out among the crowd and sell yourself, highlighting what you can bring with your specialties to the company. The students receive many internship inquiries so it’s up to you so promote yourself.

The search for an internship varies; some students secure theirs in the spring before the summer vacation, having time to prepare. Usually the internship search starts between September and November. Its recommended to post your add  at SDU Jobbank before the autumn holiday, before examination season. Many students find their internship at  SDU Praktik and Project Day at SDU in Odense or Student Collaboration Day in Sønderborg, which is held twice a year. Information and registration of companies via this link:

Any questions? Contact Innovation Consultant Lone Søvad Madsen , TEK Innovation.


Last Updated 18.10.2021