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Logo and design guide


SDU’s logo consists of a monogram and a symbol. The monogram is the acronym SDU written in capital letters that are based on the LL Brown font. The symbol is a stylised apple branch featuring a branch, an apple and two leaves, one of which is rising from the branch.
While the monogram signals focus and a highly professional level in a sober fashion, the apple branch harks back to SDU’s historical heritage. At the same time, the leaves are pointing up and forward, thus representing SDU’s accessibility and international outlook.





SDU’s logo may be used for all printed matter, theses, dissertations etc. that are produced in connection with work, education and research at SDU. If SDU is a partner or supplier in connection with products or research projects, it must be stated that SDU is not the sender. Please find the rules for logo placement etc. in our branding guide .

If you are unsure of how to use SDU’s logo, please contact SDU Communications. Please or

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SDU’s logo is black, regardless of the background colour, and may only be used in white against a black background.

Logo with the name of the University:

 sdu logo
 sdu logo

Use of logo:

Free zone and size

The minimum free zone for other elements and edges always equals one D in the SDU logo in height and two Ds in width.

frizone SDU logo








To ensure legibility, the logo and symbol must at least measure the specified sizes in width.



















The logo must not be scaled out of proportion.
The SDU logo (abbreviation and branch) is an independent, fixed design. Do not add any element or otherwise alter the existing expression of the logo.
The apple branch or other parts of SDU’s logo may not be used in your own logos.









The SDU Seal

SDU’s official seal must not be used for anything other than officially issued certificates and diplomas.
The seal may not be used on posters, covers for PhD theses, master’s theses and other publications, or in PowerPoint slideshows etc.

SDU's segl må ikke benyttes.

Last Updated 01.12.2022