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Follow up on quality assurance in education

The Faculty of Business and Social Sciences follows up on the work done into quality assurance primarily through educational reports produced.

During the year, the Faculty conducts a large number of studies and evaluations, which form part of the study boards’ work within educational programs.

  • Study commencement survey: After the commencement of a program, the Faculty completes its own study commencement survey. The purpose is to get input for improvements into the next year of study.
  • Course evaluation: Towards the end of each semester, all subject elements are evaluated. These are taught subjects, subjects primarily with guidance (e.g. project-oriented courses, internships, business projects, etc.), bachelor projects and theses. The purpose is to get input from students for the development of programs.
  • Student evaluations of entire programs: Students who are completing a bachelor's or master's degree program are asked to evaluate their overall education. The purpose of the evaluation is to follow up on whether the students find that the programs have the right level, as well as the right academic content and a pedagogical quality that supports their learning and achievement of their goals through their education. The evaluation will provide important information about, among other things, the teaching in general, learning opportunities, exams, feedback, the coherence of the education process, the degree qualifications profile gained and their overall satisfaction.
  • Evaluation of the entire programs with the involvement of external experts: at least once every six years, programs must be evaluated with the involvement of an external panel consisting of up to several core academic experts and, for example, representatives of companies. Involvement of an external panel contributes to the further development of the objectives of the program’s academic content and organisation, provides new angles and ideas in relation to the education provided as well as challenges and contributes to a continuous reflection together with the management and teachers of the education given.
  • Graduate surveys: every three years, a questionnaire survey is conducted among a three year cohort of graduates for all of the faculty’s full-time programs. The purpose is to get previous students’ feedback from their current position on or outside of the labour market, including the extent to which the acquired skills have proven useful in the labour market.

Last Updated 08.02.2019