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Assurance of learning activities

All educational programmes including course elements are regularly reviewed through our assurance of learning system involving input from a wide range of stakeholders, incl. management, external stakeholders, and students. Input come from two overall types of measures, indirect and direct measures. 

  • Indirect measures cover the different kind of input normally used for programme and course review like the biennial educational reports, evaluations, grades etc. 
  • Direct measures is an additional kind of measure done every 4 years by assessing individual students' performance on programme-specific learning goals, normally through bachelor projects, master's thesis etc. 

Indirect measures:

For every indirect measure, the data collection, type, assessor and reviewer is defined. Further information and access to results (if available) can be found in the list below:

Direct measures:

For every programme-specific direct measure, a report is prepared with an overview of measured learning goals, results, and recommendations/decisions made by the study board. The reports can be found in the list below:

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Last Updated 22.09.2023