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Emergency management at SDU

Emergency management planning at the University of Southern Denmark

In the autumn of 2013 the management team decided that the University of Southern Denmark should have an emergency management plan based on a common concept. This means that a number of measures to improve safety will come into force at all the university’s campuses during the course of 2014. These measures are described on the following pages.

The following general principles for emergency management at SDU have been drawn up:

  • SDU’s emergency management plan must create a sense of security for university staff, students and visitors. In non-public areas staff will be instructed to take care of the emergency management. I n public areas there will be information about the emergency management.
  • SDU’s emergency management plan must include the provision of easily recognisable information and instructions throughout the university. Material will be prepared with a common layout and be based on a common template and uniform instructions.
  • SDU’s emergency management plan will be integrated with existing, visible material (e.g. maps) that must be maintained. Day-to-day awareness must support an intuitive choice of the correct reaction to events.

It is important for emergency management planning to become part of everyday routines with the use of existing, familiar forms of communication. Procedures will be simplified in order to ensure that systems are maintained so that staff are familiar with emergency management and that it functions as planned when an incident occurs. For example, signs showing escape routes are used to ensure that these routes are kept free on a day-to-day basis.

Local emergency management plans

Each unit has a local emergency management plan, which is formulated in accordance with common instructions and actions and is, in each case, based on a risk assessment.

Emergency management plans are designed to reduce the number of serious incidents where there is a risk of loss of life, personal injury and loss of or damage to property, and to ensure that everyday operations can be resumed as soon as possible after an incident has occurred. Communication channels and problems with interfaces must also be familiar and rehearsed so that they function as planned.

Local emergency management plans can be found in a general list under the tag "local emergency management plans" and on each department's website at

Information material
At the page 'Information material' it is possible to find further information on different topics related to emergency management at SDU and it is possible to download different guidelines for the work on emergency management.

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