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Procedure for curriculum development and quality on the Faculty of Engineering

The work with curriculum development and quality on the Faculty of Engineering must:
  • Take place on each programme and close to the students while creating trust and transparency.
  • Ensure relevant, updated and timely management information (including study statistics) for all decision-making levels concerning the engineering programs.
  • Ensure that the engineering programmes meet the requirements of SDU’s quality policy for educations.

The provision of relevant knowledge regarding the engineering programmes happens continuously through dialogue, student- and advisory aimed surveys, meetings and continuously monitoring and analyzing study statistics and additional relevant statistic material, including unemployment numbers.

In agreement with SDU’s quality system, all knowledge about an education is summarized in a report that creates a foundation for a status meeting with relevant management about each engineering programme.

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SDU’s institution accreditation 2020

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For more information contact the Faculty of Engineering’s Quality Coordinator, Senior Adviser Per Æbelø on Mail:, Phone: +45 20 49 87 17

Last Updated 06.04.2020