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If you wish to bring your pet with you to Denmark, you must contact your local veterinarian in your country of residence prior to your departure to ensure that all requirements are met.

If you are departing from an EU country, you can enter Denmark with a dog or cat without any pre-arrangements as long as your pet has a microchip or tattoo, holds a valid EU passport and has its valid vaccinations.

Other rules apply to pets arriving from third-countries. More information on bringing pets into Denmark is available at where you can find a detailed description of the various rules and guidelines.

When you bring a vehicle with foreign number plates to Denmark there are three options on how to proceed.

1. You have to apply for permission to drive your vehicle in Denmark without paying registration tax, or
2. You have to seek permission from the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency to pay quarterly a proportion of the normal vehicle registration tax, or
3. You have to import your vehicle and have it registered to Danish number plates.

Please find further information about which option is the right one for you and how to apply on this website.
You can also find information on how to export a vehicle registered in Denmark.

You can also read more about the rules about foreign driver's license in Denmark here at our website just below at "Exchange of driving license".

When moving to Denmark, you might have to exchange your driver's license for a Danish one and in some cases, pass a new test in order to drive legally.

In Denmark it is not a requirement that you, as a citizen in the EU or an EEA country, exchange your driving license into a Danish driving license in order to be able to drive legally. Therefore, you can legally drive the same types of vehicles as you are allowed to in accordance with your valid driving license issued in another EU Member State or an EEA country.  

However, there may be special requirements regarding age and residence to consider. Please see Færdelsstyrelsen and for more information. 

Last Updated 29.08.2023