SDU's fundamental narrative: ‘Our SDGs’

SDU's fundamental narrative: ‘Our SDGs’

SDU's vision and mission have been combined into a single fundamental strategic narrative

We want to create value for and together with society by working with the UN’s SDGs

We want to develop talents that encourage unique, innovative solutions for the benefit of a sustainable world

And we will contribute to breaking down barriers and shaping a sustainable future


Maintaining a careful focus on world needs, we support new knowledge and breakthroughs in applying such know-how. We are doing so with an equally careful focus on future generations. Sustainable development requires innovative solutions that transcend disciplines, industries and borders. SDU can contribute to this because the University’s work on solutions to future challenges related to climate, demographics, health, equality and education is based on holistic, interdisciplinary research projects.


SDU prioritises cross-disciplinary collaboration for society and with society.


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