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Value, Quality, People
The University of Southern Denmark towards 2030

We create value for and with society and shape the future through high quality, talented people and outstanding environments.

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The University of Southern Denmark is a world-class university with deep roots in the Region of Southern Denmark. The University is characterised by its multi-campus structure. With five strong faculties under one roof at the main campus in Odense, the University of Southern Denmark has an optimal framework for interdisciplinary collaboration. Excellent research at the highest international level is the definitive starting point for the University’s activities; world-class research is the starting point for the education programmes, development and value creation that the University of Southern Denmark offers the surrounding society.

The University of Southern Denmark is characterised by high quality, ambition and fortitude. The University’s engagement with the surrounding society is rooted in a productive balance between curiosity-driven basic research and more application-oriented research and innovation. The University undertakes to deliver research-based solutions for the benefit of society.

The University of Southern Denmark prides itself on a broad education portfolio, close contact between researchers and students and well-run programmes. With purpose, expertise and spirit, the University is experimenting with new formats and education programmes that will unlock the students’ potential and provide them with new insights and skills.

The University of Southern Denmark adheres to and upholds academic freedom as the foundation for the University’s research, education and collaboration with the surrounding society. Freedom of research and teaching as well as debate and expression are prerequisites for the University’s staff and students to create and disseminate new discoveries.