The SDU goals for our world

The SDU goals for our world

SDU’s basic strategic narrative provides the framework for a sustainable transformation of everything the university does.

We want to help the world community create value by working together towards the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development

We will develop skills and capabilities that encourage unique, innovative solutions for the benefit of a sustainable world

And we will contribute to moulding a sustainable future by breaking down boundaries and removing limitations


Maintaining a careful focus on world needs, we encourage and support new knowledge and breakthroughs in applying such know-how. With an equally firm sense of responsibility for future generations, the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) has committed itself to helping achieve all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These SDGs require innovation that transcends disciplines, industries and borders. SDU can contribute to this because the university’s work on solutions to future challenges related to climate, demographics, health, equality and education is based on holistic, interdisciplinary research.

These projects are developed and implemented within the framework of the strategic narrative that underpins the University of Southern Denmark and everything it does. This fundamental narrative is open, and is driven by a particular view of the world and our responsibilities within it. The university also prioritises extensive interdisciplinary collaboration, where we as a university move forwards onto new and as yet unknown paths towards responsible results.


SDU prioritises cross-disciplinary collaboration for society and with society.


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SDU works to shift traditional boundaries and shape a better future.