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HEDG Hosts is a series of events being run by the Historical Economics and Development Group at the University of Southern Denmark, where we invite some of the most incisive writers and thinkers - inside and outside academia - to present their work and demonstrate the relevance, and continued impact, of historical developments on contemporary societies.

All sessions will take place on Zoom - chaired and moderated by HEDG's Paul Richard Sharp - and also include a Q and A.

Our first events series, running from September through December, includes:

Duncan Weldon - Tuesday September 21st 1pm Danish Time

Duncan is Britain economics correspondent at The Economist and author of the forthcoming Two Hundred Years of Muddling Through: The Surprising Story of the British Economy. Available for pre-order, and described by Adam Tooze as "pitch perfect, fast-moving, brilliantly well-judged. Immensely relevant," Duncan will be speaking about his book in this session.


Dr. Isabella Weber - Tuesday October 19th 4pm Danish Time

Isabella is an Assistant Professor of Economics and the Research Leader for China of the Asian Political Economy Program at the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and author of the highly acclaimed, recently released How China Escaped Shock Therapy: The Market Reform DebateIn this session, she will be discussing her book - for a precursor, you can read Isabella's recent interview with Bloomberg: 'How China Escaped the Economic Fate of Russia'.

Professor Per H. Hansen  - Monday November 8th 1pm Danish Time

Per is Professor of Business History at Copenhagen Business School - with a special interest in financial crises and the role of banks and central banks in the interwar period. He will be giving a talk entitled "Making Sense of Crisis: Central Bankers and Uncertainty in the 1931 Austrian Twin Crisis".


Alice Evans - Tuesday December 7th 1pm Danish Time

Dr Alice Evans is a Senior Lecturer at King’s College London, and currently writing The Great Gender Divergence. This book examines why all countries have become more gender equal, but why some are more gender equal than others.  She is also the host of the excellent 'Rocking Our Priors' podcast - which has featured guests such as Daron Acemoglu and Branko Milanovic. Alice  will be giving a talk entitled "Ten Thousand Years of Patriarchy".



Last Updated 23.09.2021