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Change of Environment

As part of the PhD programme, you are required to be part of other research environments outside SDU. See Section 7(2), No. 3 of the Ministerial Order on PhD programmes. The change of environment is a compulsory part of your PhD programme, as it allows you to participate in other research environments and to create national and/or international networks for the benefit of your future career.

The PhD School recommends that you, as a PhD student, spend an extended continuous period (3-6 months) in another research environment, preferably abroad for the sake of the international level of your PhD programme. Your change of environment should be planned so that it enables you to carry out your research and possibly attend courses during your stay.

If a long-term environmental change abroad is not possible or is not academically relevant for your PhD project, this must be justified in your PhD plan. At the same time, you must state how you intend to carry out the mandatory change of environment at a national research institution or private research company.

Planning your change of environment

The planning of your change of environment is done in collaboration with your principal supervisor. The principal supervisor typically uses his/her national and international networks in connection with the planning of change of environment in other research environments. The final agreements on the change of environment must be pre-approved by your principal supervisor and the Head of Department. When you have completed the planning of your stay abroad, you must submit the information to the Head of PhD School for approval.

Questions about practical matters during your change of environment

If you have any questions about practical matters during your stay abroad, please contact your departmental secretarial office or SDU International.

Last Updated 12.08.2022