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PhD Programme at the Faculty of Humanities

The PhD programmes offered by the PhD school of the Faculty of Humanities comprise a broad spectrum of both traditional and more untraditional academic areas.

The PhD programmes are offered by the Faculty's PhD school. The PhD school offers the following research training programmes:

  • Philosophy, Education Science and Religious Studies
  • History, Area Studies and Archaeology
  • Literature, Aesthetics and Culture
  • Media, Technology and Social Interaction
  • Language and Communication

As a PhD student, you will

  • be assigned to one of the above research training programmes
  • become acquainted with typical activities of the research profession, such as conducting research within a fixed allocated time frame, publish research results, participate in conferences and present and discuss sub-results,
  • attend courses at national and international universities, a
  • acquire experience with teaching and communication, and           
  • get the opportunity to take study trips abroad and establish contacts to active research environments outside the University of Southern Denmark.

On these pages, you will find the applicable rules and regulations governing the Faculty's PhD programme.

If you have any questions or require further information, feel free to contact Gitta Stærmose on +45 6550 2907 or