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Application for a fellowship before completing the Master’s degree programme (4+4 scheme)

If you are awarded a fellowship according to the 4+4 scheme, you can commence your PhD programme before having completed your Master’s degree programme. The prerequisite for this is that you must have a Bachelor’s degree and have passed 60 ECTS points on your Master’s degree programme.

The first 2 years of your course of programme, you will be enrolled in both the Master’s and PhD programme, and you must have obtained your Master’s degree after 2 years. After this, you will for the next 2 years be enrolled and employed as a PhD student with a view to acquiring your PhD degree.

If you are a student from another educational institution, the respective study board of the Faculty of Business and Social Sciences must also approve the credit transfer of already passed subjects before a commitment to enrol can be given.

It is a prerequisite for enrolment in the 4+4 scheme that your course of programme in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes are completed with a satisfactory mark level.

The application

When applying for a PhD fellowship, please be aware that they are offered by the faculty’s departments and regularly announced on the University’s website. Information about the position and the fellowship will appear in the job advertisement.

SDU uses an online recruitment system for vacancies. To apply for a position at the PhD School, you must submit your application via the electronic application form under the position you wish to apply for. If you experience any technical problems, please contact

You may want to contact the department before preparing your application in order to obtain more information about the department’s research profile, the background of the fellowship, supervision opportunities, etc.

Project description

You must enclose a project description with your application. The project description must explain which research questions you want to investigate, state the method and theory and outline a work schedule which shows that the PhD project can realistically be completed within a 3-year period.


Accepted applications are assessed by the relevant course committee. The course committee will prepare a written assessment for the head of department and the head of the PhD School. The assessment will include:

  • A brief description of the applicant’s academic qualifications and the PhD project.
  • An assessment of the applicants’ ability to complete the PhD project within the prescribed period of study.

For your information, the assessment will also be sent to you as an applicant.

The head of the PhD School will, on the basis of the course committee’s assessment, make a decision on who is qualified for enrolment in the PhD programme. However, the dean and the head of department make the final decision on hiring the PhD student. The head of department may choose to call qualified applicants for an interview before a decision on employment is made.


Please note that enrolment can take place from the 1st or 15th of a month and that enrolment is not made retroactively.

Last Updated 15.03.2024