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The PhD Thesis

The PhD thesis must document the author’s ability to apply relevant scientific methods and to conduct a research project which complies with international standards for PhD degrees within the academic field concerned.

In the process of uploading the thesis in a pdf file in Pure it is mandatory that  the student also upload the following 4 documents in separate files:

  1. Co-author statements for papers included in the thesis. The statements must be submitted in one collective pdf file with all the co-author statements.
  2. The principal supervisor’s statement in English concerning the entire course of PhD studies, including the completion of the individual components of the PhD plan. The statement must be submitted in one pdf file.
  3. A brief popular scientific abstract in English of the PhD thesis. The abstract must be written using widely understood scientific terminology and comprise about one A4 page. The abstract must be submitted in one pdf file.
  4. A reporting form for Statistics Denmark. The latest version of the form is found on Statistics Denmark’s website (Obtained Ph.D. degree and discontinued Ph.D.). The form must be submitted in one pdf file.

Plagiarism check

Upon uploading the thesis mauscript in Pure, the thesis is checked for plagiarism.

Co-author statements
If the PhD thesis includes papers with co-authors, co-author statements for each paper must be uploaded in the submission process in one collective pdf file. It is strongly recommended that co-author statements be obtained during the course of the PhD studies.

Both the PhD thesis and the defense are publicly accessible. Any questions relating to confidentiality concerning external partners and the university must be agreed between the parties involved in the study programme at the time of enrolment to avoid having to postpone the defense of the PhD thesis for this reason.

Form and substance of the PhD thesis
The PhD thesis must be written in English and include both a Danish and an English abstract. In special instances, and by arrangement with the head of the PhD School, the thesis may be written in Danish with an in-depth abstract in English.

The PhD thesis must include internationally publishable material of the highest standard, relating to what could normally be expected within the field of research concerned. The PhD thesis may be written as either a monograph or an anthology.  A PhD thesis without published material may be submitted. If a student’s thesis does not include published material, the principal supervisor must append a statement to the supervisor declaration stating that the quality of research in the thesis is deemed sufficient for assessment and explaining why no material has yet been published.

Articles included in the thesis may be prepared in collaboration with others on condition that written statements are included from each of the co-authors indicating the author's share of the work. Co-author statements must be made on a special form and be signed by the co-authors and the PhD student. 

Layout and print
!PLEASE CONTACT The SDUB before printing any copies of the thesis!

Please be advised that when a thesis is printed, 2 copies are automatically sent from the printers to the Royal Danish Library for public access.
Should you need to print the thesis,  PhD theses must be printed at SDU’s inhouse printing office: "Grafisk Center". Please be aware that all PhD theses will be printed with an SDU cover. The cover layout follows SDU’s official design guidelines. The PhD student is free to choose the layout of the pages following the cover.

Download the template for the mandatory SDU cover, find the detailed information and order the printing of your thesis at the website of "Grafisk Center".

Please be advised that when a thesis is printed, 2 copies are automatically sent from the printers to the Royal Danish Library for public access.

The PhD School at The Faculty of Engineering University of Southern Denmark

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