Passing on and handing over of personal information

If you wish to transfer personal information collected for a research project to parties other than those involved in the research project, you must involve SDU RIO in order to ensure that the data protection regulations are complied with.

When transferring personal information from your research project to a third party, you must pay attention to whether the recipient of the information is employed inside or outside SDU. This is essential for the type of form you will need to complete.


Passing on

Passing on is when you transfer personal information to a third party outside the SDU such as a student, region, another research institution, private company, etc.

To facilitate processing, you must complete one of the following forms:


  • Passing on of research data to third parties established within the EU

  See SDU’s form


Handing over

Handing over is when you transfer personal information to an SDU colleague. The recipient project must be approved in SDU's project list.

Complete the handover request

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