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Visiting PhD students

The Doctoral School of the Humanities, University of Southern Denmark, welcomes international visiting PhD students. Our scheme for visiting students operates on the following conditions and guidelines:

  1. Visiting students are based at one of our four research institutes and are informally enrolled in one of our five doctoral programmes for a period of up to 6 months.
  2. Visiting students are invited to participate in all academic activities open to PhD students and staff more generally (courses, seminars, guest lectures, etc.).
  3. Visiting students have an equal right to participate in PhD courses in the Doctoral School and its five programmes, and to get ECTS certificates for such course work.
  4. Visiting students pay no tuition fees.
  5. Visiting students are offered regular access to the university library facilities, including its study areas.
  6. Visiting students must have an academic contact person at the University of Southern Denmark (associate or full professor) with whom the extent of supervision and academic guidance must be agreed upon prior to the stay.
  7. Invitations to join the doctoral school as a visiting PhD student are issued on the joint initiative of an associate/full professor, a head of a doctoral programme and a head of institute.
  8. Visiting students are offered no grant, salary, accommodation or other benefits but are welcome to contact our international office and our accommodation office.
  9. On request the visit is formally certified by the Doctoral School office at the end of the stay.