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Work and salary conditions for PhD scholars

The University of Southern Denmark regularly advertises fully financed PhD scholarships under “vacant positions”.

As a PhD scholar at the University of Southern Denmark, you will normally have a thee-year term of employment in accordance with Protocol on PhD scholars in the AC collective agreement. See also the Ministerial Order on the PhD Programme at the Universities and Certain Higher Artistic
Educational Institutions (PhD Order)

As a PhD scholar at the University of Southern Denmark, you will be remunerated according to the relevant basic salary scale of the collective agreement, depending on whether or not you have been employed after completing your Master's programme.  Furthermore, local agreements may be made on additional supplements in accordance with the stipulations of the collective agreement. In addition to the salary, a PhD scholar is eligible for a pension plan under which pension contributions corresponding to 17.1 per cent of the salary will be paid in.

As a PhD student supported under the 4+4 programme, during the first two years you will receive twice the state student loans/grants allocations which you are eligible for as a PhD student under the Danish students' Grants and Loans Scheme governed by the SU-law.

In addition, in specific cases, it may be possible to find parallel employment at the university, enabling you to supplement your income. Funding of parental leave and periods of illness during the state loans/grants period will be handled in accordance with the Danish SU-law.

After the first two years – after attaining the Master's Degree – you will be employed on similar terms as PhD scholars employed under the three-year programme.

Your PhD school  will help you if you should have any questions regarding the overall terms and conditions of employment, wages and parental leave as a PhD scholar at the University of Southern Denmark.

Last Updated 07.08.2023