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The Graduate School of Health Sciences

The Graduate School now offers a mandatory course for all PhD Main Supervisors.

The course consists of two parts

  • A digital part on ITsLearning
  • A one-day seminar called PhD Supervision Seminar

You are expected to participate in both the digital part and the one-day seminar. You must pass all the tests in the digital part before you attend the one-day seminar.


Part 1: Digital part on ITsLearning
This part of the course addresses the rules and regulations regarding PhD education and supervision at the Graduate School of Health Sciences at SDU. It contains four modules with presentations and tests in a chronological order according to the PhD education:

Module 1Three presentations with focus on:

  • Your key responsibilities as main supervisor
  • Topics to keep in mind when supervising PhD students
  • (Common) challenges and how to handle them

Module 2: A presentation with focus on:

  • Application process
  • Enrolment procedure

Module 3: A presentation addressing the different parts of the the PhD programme:

  • PhD courses and ECTS credits
  • Change of research environment
  • Extension
  • Leave of absence 

Module 4: A presentation with focus on:

  • Presubmission
  • Thesis
  • Assessment
  • Defence

Part 2: One-day PhD Supervision Seminar
This part of the course is a one-day seminar.
The purpose of the seminar is to increase your flexibility and professionalism as a supervisor by expanding your repertoire of concrete strategies and tools. The seminar also functions as a safe space to reflect on your role as supervisor and to exchange experiences with other supervisors.


When you submit an application with a new PhD student, the Graduate School will sign you up for the next PhD Supervision Seminar, send you a calendar invitation and you will get access to the digital part of the course at ITsLearning.

Be aware that once you have accepted the registration is binding!

If you are unable to attend on the accepted date, you must find a replacement and contact your department at SDU and the Graduate School to let them know why you cannot participate.

Your department at SDU will be invoiced for the course fee – even if you do not show up to the course.


Validity of the course

The course certificate is valid for 5 years after completion. After that you will have to take the course again when you start up with a new PhD project and/or student.


Planed  seminar dates

September 20th 2023

October 24th 2023

December 6th 2023

February 29th 2024

May 29th 2024


The PhD programme Faculty of Health Sciences University of Southern Denmark

  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230
  • Phone: 6550 4949

Last Updated 30.11.2023