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PhD plan

The PhD Plan must be approved within three months of the start of the PhD Programme, see PhD Order § 9. The PhD Plan should ensure a swift clarification of expectations between the student and principal supervisor of the project about the supervision and the studies in general. The PhD Plan must be as precise as possible, but can be periodically adjusted and clarified - for example in connection with ongoing evaluations. This means that plans for stays at other research institutions, participation in courses, form of thesis etc. that are not in place after two months, can be subsequently added.

The PhD Plan must be approved by the Head of the PhD School three months after enrollment at the latest.

The approved PhD Plan provides the basis for the ongoing evaluation of the PhD project and the progress of studies.

The PhD plan can be based on all or part of the project description that was included in the application for the PhD project.

The PhD plan must include the following:

  1. Information about the study area, institution affiliation and connection to a research training programme
  2. A timetable for the entire PhD Programme, which accounts for the completion of the individual parts of the course
  3. An agreement on the form of supervision. It should be stated how many hours of supervision is expected per semester. If there are several supervisors, the agreement must specify a division of roles between them, and to what extent they will be available to the PhD student
  4. A plan for the PhD project. A project description for the research project, including the research questions, theory and methodology, as well as a description of any sub-projects and milestones
  5. A plan for the PhD courses. The composition of PhD courses must be made in consultation with the principal supervisor. The academic descriptions for the planned courses must be included if possible
  6. A plan for participation in active research environments - including stays at other, principally foreign, research institutions
  7. A plan for knowledge dissemination
  8. An agreement on copyright. If the PhD study is to be carried out in collaboration with several partners, the PhD Plan must include an agreement on copyright and rights for any data collected. Any limitations to copyright must be approved by the Dean upon recommendation from the Head of the PhD School. If there are no special circumstances, the thesis will be published.
  9. A financial plan in relation to enrolment.

Last Updated 10.10.2018