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Submission of PhD thesis in PURE and plagiarism check

A common procedure has been established in a collaboration between the PhD schools and University Library of Southern Denmark for the submission, storage and e-publication of dissertations at the University of Southern Denmark. When PhD dissertations have been accepted for defense, they will be made publicly accessible via SDU’s researcher portal at a reasonable time before the PhD defense, according to the ministerial order about PhDs, § 19, subsection 2.

When you upload your thesis in PURE, it is checked for plagiarism by the University Library before the University Library, on your behalf, submits the thesis for assessment to the PhD school. With the PhD thesis you must also upload co-author statement and the supervisor statement. 

The plagiarism screening will generate one of three conclusions:

  • Green: No remarks. The PhD thesis can be sent out for assessment.
  • Yellow: Concerns related to previously published text, or other issues. The thesis may be corrected and re-submitted for a new originality check. This can only be done once. 
  • Red: Suspected plagiarism. A copy of the report is sent to the PhD School. Your main supervisor must contact the PhD School for further processing of the case.

Please note that only the final version of the PhD thesis can be checked and that this version will be sent to the Assessment Committee

The report from the University Library will be sent to the you, your main supervisor and the PhD School within three workdays. Once the PhD School receives the report and there are no remarks, the PhD thesis will be sent to the Assessment Committee for assessment.

It is your own responsibility to acquaint yourself with the rules, procedure and requirements for the PhD submission. If you have any questions regarding the procedure for submission of PhD thesis in SURE, you are welcome to contact the University Library at

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Last Updated 07.02.2024