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Plagiarism check

The PhD student must submit the PhD thesis for assessment to the PhD School and simultaneously submit the thesis , including all manuscripts/articles, for plagiarism check with the main supervisor cc. the e-mail  to the University Library at

The screening will generate one of three conclusions:

  • Green: No remarks. The PhD thesis can be send out for assessment.
  • Yellow: Concerns related to previously published text, or other issues. The thesis may be corrected and re-submitted for a new originality check.
  • Red: Suspected plagiarism. A copy of the report is sent to the PhD School. The main supervisor must contact the PhD School for further processing of the case. 

Please note that only the final version of the PhD thesis can be checked.

The report from the University Library will be sent to the PhD student, the main supervisor and the PhD School  within three workdays. Once the PhD School receives the report and there are no remarks, the PhD thesis will be send to the Assessment Committee for asessment.